March 1, 2008

About the company
Binky 2 Baby, LLC is a company headquartered and licensed in the state of Utah. We just opened in 2008, are excited about our products and hope you will be too!

What is a Binky Clip?
Binky clips are a must-have for any baby! We have kids around like you do and we know that a binky is a hard thing to keep track of. It seems like the binky is always getting lost or falling on the floor. When it's your first child it's sterilized several times a day before you would dare give it back to baby. Then as time goes on, the binky is just wiped off or maybe you've done the all famous suck it yourself and then give it back to the baby. Our product is your solution! Plus we like to think that after dressing baby up so cute, it's fun to add this little peice of jewelery to complete the look. First you put the ends through each other attaching it tight to the binky. Then the clip is attached to the baby's clothing. So simple!

What sets us apart?
1. All of our products are custom-made originals. No two are alike. You tell us what color and style you prefer and we make a clip just for you!
2. Our Binky Bracelet© is an original idea. The middle section of the clip unhooks and becomes a small memorable bracelet for your child.
3. Our Binky Clips are interchangeable. Just remove the clip portion and use it with any of your own ribbons or with any of our other products.
4. Our Binky Clips are also stretchable so they won't break if your baby tugs on it.

Sample pictures
Here are a few pictures of some of our finished products.

How much do they cost?
The Binky Clips range from $15-$20 each. The Binky Bracelets range between $20-$25.

How do I order?
See the ordering information in the right column. For additional information, please contact me at